Thomas Ochoa

Thomas is an LGBTQIA + Latinx performer, known for his ability to portray characters across the the spectrum of gender and sexual orientation.

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Classically, being able to flow through the "comedy/drama" binary has been the mark of a great actor. While adept at this himself, Thomas is also pushing the boundaries of another classic binary - male/female. But rather than merely playing both sides of the binary, Thomas excels at and strives to operate outside of it entirely. He looks forward to playing roles that will challenge the idea of the "traditionally male" or "always female" part.

His notable credits include appearances on Comedy Bang! Bang!, horror feature The Horde and the web series Regional Office Heroes. In addition, his versatile drag persona POCKET TURLINGTON is specifically calibrated for scripted on-camera work. He has studied comedy extensively at both UCB and Actor's Comedy Studio. Prior to escaping to the coast he earned his B.A. in Design (Architectural History) from ASU.